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If you liked Art of Animals and Dog breeds by J. De Clayes, here are 20 more sites we think you'll enjoy:


1.  LesCourses (http://webalias.com/LesCourses)
French Horses Races
2.  dcb1 (http://webalias.com/dcb1)
Snowbear Land Homepage - Dennis C. Banks
3.  elan (http://webalias.com/elan)
kewl site
4.  SAKURA (http://webalias.com/SAKURA) [ACCESS RESTRICTED]
This is for our bulletin board relation with Ikuo Sugawara.
5.  SchlockHaus (http://webalias.com/SchlockHaus)
Visit Funky Zach's Schlock Haus. We'll give you you humorous TV scripts, a funny WAV every month, and more
6.  My World (http://webalias.com/MyWorld) [ACCESS RESTRICTED]
This website has lyris and you can e-mail me and ask for sports scores and updates.
7.  sanity (http://webalias.com/sanity)
This page is dedicated to the Art of Metal, music, shit And this page is Metallica friendly. Welcome.......
8.  golf (http://webalias.com/golf)
This Golf Course is one of the areas finest. Located conveniently near Binghamton, NY.
9.  hbar (http://webalias.com/hbar)
Craig Nelson's Homepage. Now featuring Christian music links and the secret refuge of Simpsons afficionados.
10.  killabullit (http://webalias.com/killabullit)
11.  madvlad.net (http://webalias.com/madvlad.net)
This is my personal homepage with stuff on golf, and mp3 requests, plus a chat room
12.  The Usual Confusion (http://webalias.com/TheUsualConfusion)
A healthy mix of laughs, wisdom and stuff. Okay, so it can't fix your problems, but it sure is entertaining.
13.  sean (http://webalias.com/sean)
14.  JoeLombardi (http://webalias.com/JoeLombardi)
A web-site for viewers of the popular Cablevision TV program, "Sports Central With Joe Lombardi."
15.  morianoclub (http://webalias.com/morianoclub)
Cavalli Cavalli Cavalli Cavalli Cavalli Cavalli Cavalli
16.  HOCKgoodbye (http://webalias.com/HOCKgoodbye)
A tribute/goodbye/scrapbook of the cyberbarn game HOCK (Horse Owners Club for Kids)
17.  totalaction (http://webalias.com/totalaction)
Total Action publishes two e-newsletters no sports fan should be without - "TA Extra" and "Winners Alert"
18.  Ric's FunSite (http://webalias.com/RicsFunSite)
Pic of me, Links, Etc.
19.  Home of the Sports Fan (http://webalias.com/HomeoftheSportsFan)
Have links to different sports and pictures of cheer- leaders of the Miami Dolphins!!!
20.  Chrisu (http://webalias.com/Chrisu)
Personal Homepage about my interests, my horses, poetry and simply about me and my life
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